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For Explorers Students & Creators

Explore your Knowledge and Connect It
A social web app that will ease your information world
Infomashup: for Explorers, Students, and Creators
Patch together everything you wanted to learn, know and explore.
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"It helps organize all notes and research."
- Patrickmagoon
"I liked it because it is helpful in studies."
- Aifali47

What is it?

It is a really fast way to brainstorm, to respond to, or investigate things, to connect facts, stories and clips, to make study notes, and to tell your own stories.

A way to see your thoughts in front of you, to enhance your visual memory.
It lets you capture the lightning of a brain storm, slow it down, and keep it in one place.

There is a lot you can do.

Give it a try!

Both a

Chrome Extension

  • Highlight and save web notes
  • Save youtube video segments as notes
  • Save images from pages
  • Paste, crop and scale screen captures
  • Free-text notes (of course)
  • All auto referenced
  • Save notes to groups
  • Bring order to your Ideas, Studies and Content

And a

Mashup Board

  • A drop-notes-into-place workflow
  • An instant pinboard for your web interests
  • Doubles as a slideshow
  • Connect the dots as you arrange your web notes
  • Mind-map your knowledge journey
  • Social sharing of individual notes, to excite a fan base
  • Sizeable, scalable, stackable notes
  • Has multi language (and) auto speech feature
  • Background images, colors, styles, and scale
  • Privacy for your research projects
"I think Infomashup and Anypage (are) very brilliant tool(s) for heavy internet users. We cannot read all what we need at a time and sometimes we love to have something that we can call our own. This tools makes that happen for us. Great innovation."
- Berry Loyal

You'll like it if...

You have a creative mind:

Infomashup has special aspects developed just for you guys. Start bite-sized story telling, and publish socially piece by piece.

Your news, your stories, make it happen!

Knowledge is your Passion:

Infomashup is indispensable. Your portable photocopier / pinboard notebook to keep a visual record of all of your explorations at the library of the internet.

Explore, you'll love it!

You Study for a Living:

Infomashup will help you take notes. It is amazing for online courses, and course notes.

You'll get ahead in your studies

Start now!


Notes From:
Text Highlighting
Notes From:
Youtube Segments
Notes From:
Cropped Screen Images
Mashups With:
Dropped Notes
Mashups With:
Connected Dots
Mashups With:
Beautiful Sharing
Mashups With:
Slide Shows
"I can definitely see me and many others using this for general Internet purposes."
- ZengerT
"(It) will revolutionize the way people blog in the 21st century."
- Anonymous Infomashup Customer

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$3.35 / month
Treadmill Plan
"I Like how easy it was to use."
- Mwigg01
Easily deal with projects that have lot of information.
- Enzee14


Bolivia Geoglyphs A Theory Analyzed
Mind Control
Improve Memory Focus Sustained Concentration
Now it's you turn!
What is it ?
You'll like it if...
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