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Anypage Guide

OverviewBack to Menu

Anypage is like a photocopier, it's your research companion. It allows you to get content, quotes, makes notes, collect images, and video snippets on anything you are searching about. To save bookmarks, create Projects and have a lot of info on all your topics.

Click the Anypage circular button in the bottom left of any webpage. It will show a content panel. Here you have your saved notes, and projects. Also you can save text notes inside that panel. Visit your projects with one click. And share to social sites the notes you just saved (with the proper Add On).

Click the icon in your browsers extension section (top right) to open the Anypage popup window for further options, like bookmarking, a quick view of the pages referenced, and other info.

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Save TextBack to Menu

The core of Anypage, selected text Notes can be saved right from webpages as you are reading. These notes are linked, with sources referenced, and can be moved and cloned to different Projects in Collection Pages, as well as into Mashups.

To select text:

  • Select html text on any html or php or asp page.
  • Click the 'Save text' button that appears (bottom left) to save a new note.
  • Click your content panel button at any time to see recent notes that you saved with Anypage.

see image

Save ImageBack to Menu

'Save Image' is an Add On available for Anypage.

To save an image: simply hover over and click the Anypage 'save' icon on applicable images and they will save to your content panel under your current Project.

see image

Save Video SnipBack to Menu

Save Video Snip is an Anypage Add On. With this Add On, at Youtube you can save clips of videos into you notes. This is ideal for using quotes from longer videos that you want to include in your research, or just to share a video snip from something. Save it with Anypage, and share it.

To save a video snip:

  • Ensure you have the Add On.
  • Begin watching a Youtube video.
  • Move the video to the start time you want to begin your snip, and press the red start button in the Anypage controls icon (bottom left).
  • Move the video to the end point, and press the red stop button. Wait a few seconds, and you can see your snip in Anypage's content panel.

see image

Save NoteBack to Menu

As you are reading, watching or listening on the web, you have the convienience of jotting down notes.

To save a text note:

  • Click the Anypage content panel.
  • Then click the text note button (shown in the image) and jot down some notes.

These notes behave like other notes in everyway.

see image

Save ProjectBack to Menu

Projects allow you to keep your various interests organized, by subject, theme, current focus, etc. Simply click the folder button (shown in the image), type in a new Project name, and tab out of the box.

When you select a Project under the drop down menu, any notes you save on subsequent pages will save to that Project. This way you can stay focussed on one topic, and organize your notes after.

see image

Project LinkBack to Menu

Easily open your Project page in a new tab by clicking this button (see image) next to your currently selected Project in the content panel.

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Social PostBack to Menu

'Social Post' is ab Add On you can get for Anypage, it allows you to direcly share the quotes or images you just referenced and saved in Anypage to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Links will return visitors to your content at Infomashup to show them your perspective on what you research on the internet!

see image

Save To MashupBack to Menu

'Save to Mashup' is an Add On you can get for Anypage, it allows you to awesomely save your quotes, images and videos directly into a Mashup just by visiting the page, selecting the content in your Anypage content panel, and clicking on the Mashup on screen. Simple, awesome, and very powerful.

see image

Save BookmarkBack to Menu

To save a bookmark:

  • Click the Anypage icon in the (top right) browser panel.
  • (Optionally) select the Project to save the bookmark to.
  • (Optionally) add text notes to the bookmark.
  • Click save.

see image

Note LinksBack to Menu

The Notes section of in the Anypage popup window in your browser shows the number of notes you saved from each page, a link to that page, and an option to delete all the notes you saved from a webpage.

In the content panel, you can also hover over notes to show a link to the page that they are sorced from.

Popup LinksBack to Menu

In the Anypage popup window in your browser, use the link buttons to open the currently selected Project, your Notes page, or Bookmarks page.

Popup InfoBack to Menu

If you want a reminder of the Anypage controls while browsing, just click the little info icon in the popup window for the browser (as shown in the image).

see image