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Bolivia Geoglyphs A Theory Analyzed


Not unreasonable

It is not unreasonable to suppose there is some connection between the counting systems, the knotting systems of trade calculations, and record keeping that is represented in the Yupana. It is very likely that however the land was allocated, by ownership, leasing, or work to live arrangements, someone claimed responsibility and ownership for the land and they needed to account for its boundaries. The separation of the section of land seems to fit within the amount of land that would be needed to provide for between 1 to 5 families. As you can see in the image. So are the strings and knots, and the ropes you see in the Yupana used in calculating land division? And the land is dotted with a secret code that is set to message a divine presence in the great starry ceiling ? Well likely not here. Not in the regions of the basins and mountain run offs of the great lake Titicaca. I

A Roundhouse

A Roundhouse

This is a rebuilt version of a roundhouse. A circular frame is built from stone, and the sides possibly from mud and stone, or woven sticks and mud. The ceiling, no skylights here, a thatched sticks and reeds (or straw) roof. The round form lends itself easily to not only a form of architecture that predates history, the stick tipi, but also provides a rain run off in all directions without corners and complex stress points that square roofs construction introduces. So there you have it. A mystery to the gods decoded. A people not without religion perhaps, not without gods, not without a need to, or even mechanisms to depict symbols and message for the eyes of the dead, or alien over watchers. But a people with for certain a very real and practical need to farm, and live in separate quarters, and segment and divide work, and living space. A very real need to live in protection from the elements. From the rain, the high elevation weather whatever it may have been. A need to be warm and safe in their well crafted, and time honored designed houses.

An Aside on the game: Yupana

An Aside on the game: Yupana

"table-yupana (or archaeological yupana): a system of trays of different sizes and materials, carved at the top of the device into geometric boxes, into which seeds or pebbles were placed, presumably for performing complex arithmetic calculations. "

This is a photo of Bolivia 'Geoglyphs'

This is a photo of Bolivia 'Geoglyphs'

The inclusion of this image will serve as an reference for several points of explanation of this theory.

Perhaps as these photos demonstrate

Perhaps as these photos demonstrate

The circular stone creations, were not as exotic as a burial chamber, or a codex message to unknown star-people. Perhaps the stones gathered from the fields were not used to transmit messages in geoglyphs at all. But rather they were used to house the very earthbound and undeniably real people that worked in those plotted segments of land ?

Theory (Part 1):

Evaporation and mountain runs off provided excellent soil for farmers. A civilization of several thousands, likely tens of thousands of people would have been cultivating the rich soil and fruitful crops that they found, tended, and farmed. Thus a civilization buds.

More Likely...

It is more likely that the mathematical game surface arouse out of the complexities of divided terraced mountainous regions. The game seems to include blocks, and sections where in quantities of game pieces sit within, and perhaps the complexities of the game matches one peek dweller ( or king ) against the apposing king in a game to see whom can claim the most of these uneven terraces of land between them. To then claim the kingdom. Indeed not unlike chess, or checkers, with that added presence of a 3D aspect. A natural inclusion in the strategic thinking of rulers of the lake mountain terrain. But that is a theory.

A Theory (Part 2)

After sometime the distribution of land segments becomes a natural evolution of farming. Each family, and the segment of land they tended needs defining. As any creature we need boundaries and we build walls, fences, and other clear dividers of where my neighbors rights end, and mine extend to, those things are always welcome. This keeps the noisy and greedy, and thieving neighbors separated to their own allotted space. Truly a situation of to each their own. Thus as in modern farm segments you see the drawing of fences, very likely made of stones raked from the mountain sides in an effort to make better farm land. Thus these stone fences stand still to claim the divisions of long past families and their fenced out properties for generations past the ones in which they made their livelihoods.

Imagine If You Will...

A spiritually complex civilization. One that studied the skies, and calculated the activities of the heavens. One that even prayed, and made time staking habits of the activities and indications, and gifts that they used provided from the great shifting earth gods, and perhaps in their minds, even the ones further up, the ones in the starry ceiling of the night ?

Then for what purpose...

...are the complex dotted symbols? The speckled perfect circles are certainly for one purpose only, to denote some complex arithmetic cosmic message to their caretakers in the sky. No?

A Theory continued.

Here again, I am needing to look in wonder of the vastness of these people's creations. There are so many neatly organized plots. One organically extending from the adjacent one. So what are those stone circles for ? To denote a burial ground ? A message in codex to the great sky watchers ? Perhaps they assumed the sky watchers were their own dead. How would I know if they were not correct in that belief ? I hope there are more people up their, because some of my relatives... man I don't want to think what they would do. But the animation of the heavens and the earth by the dead, although a fairly demanding thought for people just trying to survive life, maybe not the reason for these stone circles.

For The Record:

I do not consider these designs, or architectures to indicate anything primitive about these people. To the contrary, it seems that while we were pondering if they were spending their days praising or signalling their spirit gods, they were actually expanding industriously on designs and techniques they learned from those who created them before they. They reconstituted a thousand or more km of mountain side which would show for centuries their techniques. Surely they did this not to mathematically entice the favor of the sky gods. But rather what we see are remnants of a runaway industrial food supply technique that speckled the real stone, and earth of the real world. Not one adrift in man made fantasy. The real world where these people lived and worked. Perhaps if we appreciated more the level of human being that it took to survive in the world of not so long ago, we could gain more understanding of their lives. Further, as we have the same basic needs as they did; food, water, shelter, and communities make life easier, we might in the process, allow ourselves more appreciation of our inherent human industriousness. Well, it has been fun. I hope you enjoyed this little journey as much as I did.

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